Pair Go Ricoh Cup 2000

The First and Second Rounds

The second round started soon after the first round. In the second round, the pairs who won the first round compete with each other and the pairs who lost the first round play against each other. The pairs who have won two consecutive games will advance to the quarterfinals, while the pairs who have lost two consecutive games will be disqualified. Accordingly, the atmosphere of the second round has become more tense than that of the first round. The hall seems to have been heated with an increased number of spectators.

Ms. Tomoko Kato 4-dan:
Though I made somewhat careless moves, Mr. Ryu strictly beat the opponent.
Mr. Shikun Ryu 7-dan:
Ms. Kato is completely reliable. Only one time, I felt her move made our position difficult. But it wasn't at all. I think she understands my style of playing Go very well.

Ms. T. Kato & Mr. Ryu pair

Ms. Osawa & Mr. Takemiya pair VS Ms. Umezawa & Mr. Kataoka pair
Ms. Yukari Umezawa 3-dan:
In the previous game, I was mere a troublemaker for Mr. Kataoka. This time, however, I made a fatal mistake.
Mr. Satoshi Kataoka 9-dan:
I am tired. But there is another game. I want to enjoy it. It's hot here.

Ms. Chizu Kobayashi 5-dan:
I felt under pressure from the time I was paired with Mr. Honda. He was the champion for two consecutive years. As Kikuyo said, however, Mr. Honda didn't get upset and overcame my poor moves as if there had been nothing wrong.
Mr. Kunihisa Honda 9-dan:
We were lucky. I worried we were going to be defeated during both games. I was too much preoccupied with my own moves to cover for my partner.

Ms. C. Kobayashi & Mr. Honda pair

Kobayashi father & daughter pair VS Ms. Koyama & Mr. Yoda pair
Mr. Koichi Kobayashi 10-dan, Tengen and Gosei:
Last year, Izumi cried in the train that we took on the way home after losing two consecutive matches. So, I have endeavored not to make her cry again.
Ms. Izumi Kobayashi Female Kisei:
I am happy merely because I am paired with my father to play.

Ms. Mika Yoshida 6-dan:
The move I made to avoid wasting our time gave our opponent the initiative of the game.

Ms. Yoshida & Mr. Tono pair VS Ms. Ogawa & Mr. M. Kato pair

Ms. Nakazawa & Mr. Hikosaka pair
Mr. Naoto Hikosaka 9-dan:
I thought our team would lose two consecutive games and return home soon. Unexpectedly, we have won both games. I did not know Ms. Nakazawa is such a tough player. While I was making poor moves, she was covering for me.
Ms. Ayako Nakazawa 4-dan:
We are a nice battery.

Ms. Narumi Osawa Female Kakusei:
I feel I was a terrible player this time.v
Mr. Masaki Takemiya 9-dan:
Another game is left today.

Ms. Osawa & Mr. Takemiya pair VS Ms. Umezawa & Mr. Kataoka pair

Ms. Ashida & Mr. Ishida pair
Ms. Isoko Ashida 6-dan:
I bothered Mr. Ishida throughout the game. Though I was not satisfied with the way I played, I truly enjoyed the game.
Mr. Yoshio Ishida 9-dan:
I have been criticized for being too severe toward my partner or often bending backwards in my chair when my partner made poor moves. So, I tried to keep bending forward during this game.

Ms. Kikuyo Aoki Female Meijin:
I have won the championship two times. In both cases, I was defeated in the first round. I believe that losing the first round game and winning the second round game is a principle for winning the championship.
Mr. Satoru Kobayashi 9-dan:
Being over 40 years old, it is hard to play three games a day. Above all, losing the third game will make me feel exhausted.

Ms. Aoki & Mr. S. Kobayashi pair

Ms. Yashiro & Mr. Otake pair
Ms. Kumiko Yashiro 3-dan:
My play was terrible. If I go home without reflecting on this game, I may be scolded by Mr. Otake.

Ms. Kazuko Sugiuchi 8-dan:
Mr. Cho played so skillfully that I was not able to keep up with him. His moves were too difficult for me to understand. I am sorry to have lost the opportunity to play another game.
Mr. Chikun Cho Kisei and Meijin:
Ms. Sugiuchi played very well. If I had played more successfully, we would have won this game. I have never done my best in this championship. I don't ever remember winning any games. (Mr. Ishida 9-dan was teasing Mr. Cho by suggesting that Mr. Cho study Go more at the Kansai Kiin.)

Ms. Sugiuchi & Mr. Cho pair

Ms. Koyama & Mr. Yoda pair
Mr. Norimoto Yoda 9-dan:
At what time will the next game start? It is hard to play three games a day, but I am enjoying myself.

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