Pair Go
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Pair Go The 24th International Amateur Pair Go Championship
Tournament Schedule

November 2nd (Sat)

[ Main Game ]
13:00~13:30  Regstration at Reception Desk, Lottery to decide matching, Explanation of Game
13:30~15:00   Game 1
16:00~18:00  Goodwill Game
18:00~19:30  Welcome Party

November 3rd (Sun)

8:00~9:00  Registration at Reception Desk, Lottery to decide matching
9:00~9:30  Greetings & Explanations of Game
[ Main Game ] [ The ARAKI CUP (HANDICAP GAMES) ]
9:30-11:00   Game 2
11:10-12:40   Game 3
12:40-13:20   Lunch
13:20-14:50   Game 4
15:00-16:30   Game 5
16:00-17:30   Championship Game,
The Final
(A・B・C Block)
 9:30-10:50   Handicap-Game 1
11:10-12:30   Handicap-Game 2
12:40-13:20   Lunch
13:20-14:40   Handicap-Game 3
15:00-16:20   Handicap-Game 4
18:00-18:30   Closing Ceremony
18:30-19:00   Award Ceremony


[ November 3rd (Sun) ]
 9:00~   Examination of Best Dresser Prize
13:00~15:30   Beginners' block lecture
16:00~17:30   Live broadcasting of the final game on the Internet
16:45~17:45   Public Game Commentary with demonstration board
19:00~20:00   Lottery for prizes
Coinciding events
Public Commentary of the Final Game
  Commentator: YOSHIO ISHIDA (24th Honinbo) /
  Sub-commentator: Tomoko Ogawa, 6-dan

Lottery for Prizes
  Many luxurious prizes have been prepared.

Best Dresser Prize
  Best-dressed pairs will be selected among the participants.

"Pandanet-IGS" Trial Corner
  All participants can freely try using the "Pandanet-IGS",
  Internet to enjoy playing Go games with Go fans from around the world.

Live Broadcasting of the Final Game on the Internet
  The exciting final game will be broadcast live to over 150 countries
  throughout the world via Pandanet-IGS, the world's largest Internet Go
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