The 27th International Amateur Pair Go Championship

Game records

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Championship FinalDec 6th (Game starts at 16:00 JST)

Kim & Park (Korea) vs Pai & Huang (Chinese Taipei)

Round 5Dec 6th (Game starts at 15:10 JST)

Li & Gu (China) vs Sekimoto & Uchida (Japan)

Ohlenbusch & Ohlenbusch ( Denmark) vs Kralikova & Jadron (Slovakia)

Kushiro & Kushiro (Japan) vs Odo & Ueno (Japan)

Kato & Mori (Japan) vs Imamura & Emura (Japan)

Round 4Dec 6th (Game starts at 13:30 JST)

Thi Kim Long & Nhat Minh (Vietnam) vs Jemine & Lochen (Belgium)

Pai & Huang (Chinese Taipei) vs Sekimoto & Uchida (Japan)

Sang & Li (Sweden) vs Smythe & Bredenkamp (South Africa)

Imamura & Emura (Japan) vs Iwai & Imabun (Japan)

Round 3Dec 6th (Game starts at 11:10 JST)

Sum & Lee (Singapore) vs Elisabeth Hvalby & Melting (Norway)

Aroonphaichitra & Taechaamnuayvit (Thailand) vs Pocsai & Balogh (Hungary)

Pai & Huang (Chinese Taipei) vs Shimoda & Tanabe (Japan)

Romero & Corvalan (Argentina) vs Watanabe & Takahashi (Japan)

Round 2Dec 6th (Game starts at 9:30 JST)

Le Yin & Khai Yong (Malaysia) vs Jemine & Lochen (Belgium)

Kim & Park (Korea) vs Nomura & Yamada (Japan)

Gruber & Wiltschek (Austria) vs Osawa & Tsuchimune (Japan)

Marz & Marz (Germany) vs Su & Chiu (USA)

Round 1Dec 3rd (Game starts at 13:30 JST)

Kushiro & Kushiro (Japan) vs Nomura & Yamada (Japan)

Kim & Park (Korea) vs Osawa & Tsuchimune (Japan)

Kalsberg & Fionin (Russia) vs Sang & Li (Sweden)

Pirvu & Corlan (Romania) vs Sekimoto & Uchida (Japan)

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