The Significance of Fostering Pair Go®

Go was originally conceived as a game for two players. The pair system, in which a man and a woman play alternate moves on the same side, has consequently been considered a frivolous diversion. But we believe that if you actually try this system out you will find that it produces a very interesting game.

Firstly, a different strategy becomes necessary from that in games between individuals. Not only you have to analyze the moves made by your opponents; you also have to read out the meaning of your partner's moves. The deciding factor in the game will be how effectively you can make each of those moves work, the same as in a game between two players. Before the game is over, however, it is virtually certain that your partner will play some stones that will either move you to admiration or leave you perplexed, providing a zest that you would never have found in the individual game. When a one-on-one game becomes two-on-two, new elements are added, and new questions arise in the formulation of strategy. For that reason, we believe that Pair Go creates a new appeal for the game of go and offers a new way to approach it.

Secondly, activities in many fields are becoming increasingly international. We believe that developing Pair Go on an international scale can create a more lively atmosphere in the go world, accelerate the popularization of go, and play a role in promoting international good-will.

Thirdly, and this is our main goal, we believe that if mixed Pair Go becomes well established it will lead to an increase in the number of women go players. Go does not have a very positive image among most women; it tends to be viewed as a stodgy game, a game for old people, or a difficult game that's hard to learn. However, the spread of Pair Go will naturally lead to an increase in the number of women players. It may even give go the same fashionable image as an intellectual sport that golf enjoys as an athletic sport. At the same time, by making the game more accessible to women, Pair Go may be a shortcut to increasing the popularity of go.

Fourthly, all kinds of pairings are possible--fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, married couples, brothers and sisters, friends--so communication is promoted and go will become more of a family game.

For all these reasons, we would like to develop Pair Go as a new form of the game and pursue its various possibilities. We hope you approve of our ideals and will cooperate with us.

Philosophy of the Pair Go Tournament

We believe that within international society, the game of go uses black and white stones as an international language and that it is an ideal intellectual sport in which differences of nationality, sex, and age irrelevant.
Based on this standpoint, the goal of the Pair Go tournament is not only to demonstrate the fascination of go as widely as possible by adopting the male-female pair system but also to develop this pair system as a new way of enjoying the game and to provide opportunities for international exchange on a regular, permanent and ever-increasing basis.