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The 24th International Amateur Pair Go Championship
sportaccord [ IAPG Cup Winner ]
Korea ( Kim & Jeon )

[ JAPG Cup Winner ]
Japan ( Tsuji & Tsunoda )

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>> The 24th International Amateur Pair Go Championship is here.
Korea Pair, China Pair, Chinese Taipei Pair

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Registration : August 1st to September 15th
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sportaccord [WINNER]
China Pair

(Rui Naiwei 9-dan&Yu Bin 9-dan)

Japan Pair

(Kumiko Yashiro 6-dan&
Yuta Iyama 9-dan)

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winner [ WINNER ]
Kumiko Yashiro 6-dan &
Yuta Iyama Kisei /
Meijin / Honinbo /
Tengen / Oza / Gosei

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The Go competition of the 3rd SportAccord World Mind Games will take place from 11-18 December 2013 in Beijing, China. Pandanet will make reports from the games.
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"Futian Cup" The 3rd Shenzhen International Pair Go Masters Tournament will take place from November 24 – 26, 2013 in Shenzhen, China.

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The Go competition of the 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games Incheon 2013 will take place from June 29 – July 6, 2013 in Incheon, Korea. Official site will make reports from the games.

WINNER : CHINA ( GAO Xing 1p & PENG Liyao 5p )

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Chiaki Mukai 5-dan & Daisuke Murakawa 7-dan Pair
The 2nd SportAccord World Mind Games from 12-19 December 2012 in Beijing, China. Pair Go:December 18(Tue) – 19(Wed) Chiaki Mukai 5-dan & Daisuke Murakawa 7-dan Pair.

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Final Round: 15 October – 26 October, 2012.
The winner of the main tournament will receive an invitation to the 2nd SportAccord World Mind Games (a round-trip ticket to Beijing , accommodation, a commemorative medal and a certificate), There are also generous prizes for sectional winners, as well iPad's as lottry prizes for anyone who finish the preliminary round!

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Pair Go [ GOLD ] Osawa and NAKASONE (JAPAN)
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