Tournament Outline
Presented byJapan Pair Go Association
Special CooperationNihon Ki-in / Igo & Shogi Channel
CooperatedKansai Ki-in / Go Weekly / The Daily Yomiuri
With a support ofYomiuri Shimbun
[ Tournament Outline ]
16 pairs of male and female professional Go players who represent the Japanese Go world will play tournament games, and in the 4th round, the winning pair will be decided. Games from the 1st round to the semifinal round will be played at the Nihon Ki-in, and there will be commentaries using a large demonstration board. The final game will be played in the studio of IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL and broadcast at a later date.
[ Awards ]
The winning pair will be awarded the title of "Professional Pair Go Champions," a trophy, and prize money.
[ Rules ]
This is a four-round knockout tournament, with pairings in the first round made by drawing lots. All games are played on even, with Black giving a komi of 6.5 points. The time allowance is 30 seconds per move plus ten minutes of thinking time, to be used in one-minute units.
Date Round Selection
Time schedule Venue
February 9 (Sat)
Round 1
Round 2
16 pairs / 32 players
 8 pairs / 16 players
 4 pairs /  8 players
9:15 Open
9:45 Opening ceremony / Players introduction
10:00 Round 1
13:30 Round 2
16:00 Semifinals
18:30 Expected time of closing
Nihon Ki-in
(Ichigaya, Tokyo)
  March 2013
Final  2 pairs / 4 players Igo Shogi Channel will be broadcasting IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL INC.
* Time is subject to change depending on circumstances.

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