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Pair Go The 17th International Amateur Pair Go Championship

Special Cooperation / East Japan Railway, HITACHI, Japan Airlines
Explanation of Championship


[ Explanation of Championship ]

Tournament Games

Five-round tournament style games will be held among 32 Japanese pairs and 22 overseas pairs under Swiss system.
Actually International Championship and All Japan Pair Go Championship are combined together here, so the top of Japanese pair will be crowned as Japanese No.1 players in addition as well as world champion.

[ Prizes ]

First prize:IAP-GO CUP, Medal,Certificate,
trip for two to a trip abroad.
Second prize:Medal, Certificate, trip for two for a trip abroad
Third prize:Medal, Certificate, Prize
4th to 8th place:Certificate, Prize
Best Japanese Pair:JAP-GO CUP, Medal, Certificate, Prize


[ Explanation of Championship ]

Considering the pair's skill players will be grouped into 3 blocks(A/B/C) and will play 4 games under Swiss system.

[ Prizes ]

(for A, B, and C groups)
First prize:The Araki Cup, Medal, Certificate, Prize
Second prize:Medal,Certificate, Prize
Third prize:Medal,Certificate, Prize
The winners of each group will be entered into a lottery, of which the prize is a trip for two for a trip abroad.
Gifts will be presented to all players in appreciation for their participation.

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