Pair Go Ricoh Cup 2000

The First and Second Rounds

The game between Kobayashi father & daughter pair VS Ms. Koyama & Mr. Yoda pair was the first to finish.
The first to finish was the game between the pair of Mr. Koichi Kobayashi 10-dan, who holds the Tengen and Gosei titles, and Ms. Izumi Kobayashi, who holds the Female Kisei title, and the pair of Ms. Mitsuru Koyama 5-dan and Mr. Norimoto Yoda 9-dan. It was followed by the other first round games one after another. Players were briefly interviewed immediately after the first round.

Ms. Izumi Kobayashi Female Kisei:
I am happy to have played a good game. It was the best among the games in which I was paired with my father to play in recent years. Above all, I feel gratified I did not make serious mistakes in this game.
Mr. Koichi Kobayashi 10-dan, Tengen and Gosei:
Our opponent brought about its own defeat early in this game. I have never played such an easy game. We will do our best to continue winning.

Revival three times!! Kobayashi father & daughter pair

Ms. Koyama & Mr. Yoda pair
Ms. Mitsuru Koyama 5-dan:
I have nothing to say. I have defeated myself. I made a big mistake to lose the game only 10 minutes after starting.

Ms. Ayako Nakazawa 4-dan:
I have never even spoken with Mr. Hikosaka before, but he was easy to play with as a partner. I felt as if he relied on me often during the game.
Mr. Naoto Hikosaka 9-dan:
It is true I relied on Ms. Nakazawa, as she is a strong player.

Ms. Nakazawa & Mr. Hikosaka pair

Ms. Hosaka & Mr. Yamada pair
Ms. Mayu Hosaka 2-dan:
Mr. Yamada made a good move for kikashi, but I was not able to follow up Kikashi. As a result, we were put in a difficult position.
Mr. Kimio Yamada 7-dan:
I waited for a chance to take advantage of Mr. Rin's aggressive move. However, I myself made a reckless move when he chased us.

Ms. Kaori Chinen Female Honinbo:
It was easy for me to play with Mr. Rin as my partner because I have been paired with him for the second straight year.

Ms. Chinen & Mr. Rin pair

Ms. Yoshida & Mr. Tono pair
Ms. Mika Yoshida 6-dan:
I made careless moves, but Mr. Tono skillfully covered for me.

Mr. Masao Kato 9-dan:
We have been thoroughly defeated. I also made a mistake to make our situation difficult. I want to play more successfully in the next game.
Ms. Tomoko Ogawa 6-dan:
While Mr. Kato was delivering an attack, I was making poor moves. Although I am honored to have been paired with my senior fellow, I wanted to play at least three games.

Ms. Ogawa & Mr. M. Kato pair

Ms. T. Kato & Mr. Ryu pair
Ms. Tomoko Kato 4-dan:
I have put Mr. Ryu to a lot of trouble throughout the game, but he covered for me by continually making good moves.
Mr. Shikun Ryu 7-dan:
We have won the game firmly. I just followed the way she played.

Ms. Yoko Inori 4-dan:
Mr. O was so considerate that I felt relaxed.
Mr. Rissei O Oza:
I think we played well. Now I feel we can achieve good results in this championship.

Ms. Inori & Mr. O pair

Ms. Aoki & Mr. S. Kobayashi pair
Mr. Satoshi Kobayashi 9-dan:
Ms. Aoki made so strong and skillful moves that I was at a loss what moves I should make.

Mr. Hideo Otake 9-dan:
I enjoyed playing the game as I was able to make good moves. I may have been severe toward my partner but also helped her during the game. Anyway, it was a nice game.
Ms. Kumiko Yashiro 3-dan:
My moves in the final stage were poor. I hope we can win the two remaining games today and play more games.

Ms. Yashiro & Mr. Otake pair

Ms. Osawa & Mr. Takemiya pair
Ms. Narumi Osawa Female Kakusei:
It was an interesting game. I would like to win the next game, too.
Mr. Masaki Takemiya 9-dan:
I enjoyed the game. It was thrilling. I hope we can play two more games.

Ms. Yukari Umezawa 3-dan:
I have been a troublemaker to Mr. Kataoka throughout the game. But we have won it anyway.

Ms. Umezawa & Mr. Kataoka pair

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