Pair Go RICOH CUP 2009
Tournament Outline
Presented by:Japan Pair Go Association
Special Cooperation:Nihon Ki-in
Cooperated:Kansai Ki-in / Go Weekly / The Daily Yomiuri
With a support of:Yomiuri Shimbun
Sponsored by:Ricoh Co.Ltd.

[ Outline ]
A champion pair will be decided at the 5th game of tournament out of 16 pairs of male and female professional Go players who repersent Japanese Go circle. A part of the championship prize money will be donated to purchase Go boards and stone etc. to present to preliminary schools, junior hightschools and senior hightschools all over Japan. First and second games will be played by 16 pairs with Swiss system as poen to the public games. From quarterfainal it will be played with tornament system also as open games.Final game will accompany a commentary using a large board, and will be followed by a commendation ceremony.
The grand total prize shall be 6,000,000yen. Total Chompionship prize shall be 5,000,000yen. The second prize shall be 1,000,000yen.
Total Championship prize shall be 5,000,000yen. 1,000,000yen of which shall be donated as a fund to present such Go supplles as Go boards and Go stones to schools all over Japan.

[ Awarding / Donation ]
To a champion pair, a title of "Champion of Professional Pair Go Players" will be given from the presenter of the tournament, and a trophy and prize money will be given from Richo, the sponsor.
For the donation of Go supplies, requests will be invited from preliminary schools, junior highschools and senior high schools all over Japan, and will be presented to them.
To second rank pair, prize money will be given from Richo, the sponsor.

[ Rules ]
The game shall be played with 30 seconds per move, and 10 times of 1 minte thinking time shall be given to each pair.
The 1st game has a game by the lottery. The 2nd game has a game with the winner and the losere. The following party is made as the result. 4pairs (2 wins), 8pairs (1 win and 1 defeat), 4 pairs (2 defeats).
From that, 4pairs who 2 wins of that proceed in the quarterfainal without a condition. 4 pairs are selected from 8 pairs, 1 win and 1 defeat in the 9x9 board games. 8 pairs in total proceed in the next the quarterfainal.
The quarterfainal holds a game at the tournament game Champion is decided from there 3 time.

Date Selection
Venue Time schedule
1st game
16 pairs
32 players
Yebisu The Garden Hall
11:30 Opening
12:00 The opening ceremony and participation professional go player introduction
12:30 The 1st game
14:30 The 2nd game
16:00 Quarterfinal advance determination game
17:00 End schedule
2nd game 16 pairs
32 players
8 pairs
16 players
Yebisu The Garden Hall
11:30 Opening
12:00 Participation professional go player introduction
12:30 Quarterafinal game
14:30 Semifinal game
16:00 End schedule
Semifinal 4 pairs
8 players
The final
2 pairs
4 players
Yebisu The Garden Hall
12:30 Opening
13:15 A greetiong from the sponser
participation professional go player introduction
13:30 Start the final game
Public game commentary with
16:00 Award ceremony
16:30 End schedule
※The schedule time might be changed by the situation of the game.

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