Pair Go
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Pair Go
The 15th International Amateur Pair Go Championship
Tounament Results
Convention Scenery
Live relay is from here.
The 15th convention play-off
The 15th convention play-off
Exclusive software is required in order to observe live relay. Soft download is no charge.
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I・A・P-GO CUP Winner

J・A・P-GO CUP Winner
JAPAN [Hiraoka & Hiraoka]

Hino Motors / LUMINE INC. / CROWNE PLAZA METROPOLITAN-TOKYO / HOTEL METROPOLITAN EDMONT / East Japan Marketing And Communication Inc. / Japan Freight Railway / Tokyu Corporation / Keihin Electric Express Railway / Tetsudou Kaikan / Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. / JR East Urban Development Corporation / NIPPON RESTAURANT ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. / EAST JAPAN KIOSK Co.,LTD. / PANDANET INC. / PIONEER CORPORATION / TOTETSU KOGYO Co., Ltd. / NIPPON KOTSU BUNKA KYOKAI / NKB INC.