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Pair Go The 24th International Amateur Pair Go Championship
Tournament Details


[ Explanation of Championship ]

Five-rounds of tournament style games will be played by 32 representative pairs from 21 overseas countries and territories, and 11 pairs selected from 8 domestic regions.
The International Championship and Japan Championship are combined as the International Amateur Pair Go Championship, and the highest ranked Japanese pair will be crowned the Japan Amateur Pair Go Champion.

[ Prizes ]

First Place: IAPG CUP, Certificate, Medal, Prize
Second Place:Certificate, Medal, Prize
Third Place:Certificate, Medal, Prize
4th to 8th Place:Certificate, Prize
Best Japanese Pair: JAPG CUP, Medal, Prize

Handicap Games (The Araki Cup)

[ Explanation of Championship ]

Players who would like to join are freely invited. Four-rounds Swiss system league competition will be held. There will be three groups, A, B and C, according to their skill.

[ Prizes ](The Araki Cup, Groups A, B&C )

First Place:The Araki Cup, Certificate, Medal, Prize
Second Place: Certificate, Medal, Prize
Third Place: Certificate, Medal, Prize
Gifts will be presented to all players in appreciation for their participation.
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